(NEOWIN) Yesterday, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10149 – its second new build for smartphones in nine days. It’s a different story for those testing Windows 10 on PCs, though – their last official build remains 10130, which Microsoft released almost a month ago.

Last week, build 10147 leaked onto the web, as did the internal release notes for that build. But today, release notes for the even newer build 10154 have been revealed by WZor.

The notes state that “no software updates are in this release”, but it does introduce a range of much-needed bug fixes. Such fixes are becoming increasingly important, as the July 29 launch date for Windows 10 is now just a few weeks away.

However, build 10154 also has a range of pre-existing known issues, along with a whole bunch of new ones exclusive to this build. Some of these issues include:

After a device upgrade, synchronization with many files and folders may cause problems with OneDrive
If you fail to connect to a wireless network, you cannot navigate using the keyboard
A crash occurs if you create a new Outlook message while JAWS is running
Many of the new issues that have popped up in 10154 are related to the Narrator feature in the OS, which apparently needs a bit more work before it’s ready for launch.

和讯科技》 Windows 10 RTM正式版已经近在眼前,微软会不会再公开放出一个预览版,让大家最后体验一把呢?不好说,但毫无意外,新版本随时都在诞生,每一步都在逼近正式版。

俄罗斯曝料大神WZor刚刚在推特上透露,微软的合作伙伴们已经拿到了Windows 10 Build 10154。


比较激动的是,WZor称已经拿到了这个版本,可能会泄露出来,至少会放出一些截图让大家看看,还会公布发布说明(Release Notes),让大家了解它到底更新了什么。

看样子,Build 10154应该无比接近正式版了,所以微软提前将其发给厂商们进行体验测试,为最终的部署做准备。

不过,据说正式版的版本号会是Build 12000,微软要在最后的半个月时间里跳过这么多版本号?


Source: Wzor和讯科技