(OFFSHORENO) After several years of technology development, building and testing the world’s first subsea wet gas compressor in place at Gullfaks C platform in the North Sea.

Gullfaks subsea compressor project (GSC) During May and June conducted campaigns installation of structures and modules for subsea compression station. The compressors were installed in late June.

As reported by Offshoreno, the wet gas compression Gullfaks C will provide 22 million extra barrels of oil equivalent, and an extension of the plateau production of around two years.

Installation campaigns have been successfully performed by Subsea 7, says project manager Bjørn Birkeland.

The world’s first of its kind
The project is now entering the final phase of testing and preparation for handover and commissioning in the last quarter of this year.

This is the first compressor of its kind, so it is a milestone not only against the start of the compressor, but also for the group’s vision of designing future seabed factories, says Steinar Konradsen, project manager for the project.

Still remains work with testing of the complete compressor station, but work is well underway and the project is on schedule.

It also made substantial preparations on Gullfaks C in order to start subsea compressor. The work is performed by Apply Sørco and is now in its final phase.

Improved recovery for license
Compressor represents a robust and flexible measures for improved oil recovery (IOR) for the Gullfaks license. It should now be established between the subsea templates L and M and C platform It is also possible to link the second subsea wells to the compressor via existing pipelines. This can result in a gain far beyond what was assumed when a decision on implementation.

Subsea wet gas compression is also important to develop subsea processing and a significant contribution to improving recovery on other fields, stressing Konradsen.

Protection structure and compressor station was installed early May with heavy lifting vessel Oleg Strashnov. June 26 was the compressor and cooling modules lowered into place Oppi compressor station of the vessel Seven Viking.

The plant will be connected to the Gullfaks C platform during summer and autumn.

Source: Offshoreno