The increasing data volume from iPhones, iPads, iTunes and very soon ,the Apple Watch.

Apple will soon join forces with Facebook-established Open Compute Project (OCP), which is in line with its plans to set up new cloud computing data centres, server replacement and expansion of their existing data centres.

Taiwan-based white box server manufacturers have secured orders from Apple and is in preparations for its first shipment soon, according to Taiwan based supply chain sources.

As Apple seeks to expand its investments in data enters, it plans to invest approximately $2 billion to execute this transformation, from existing infrastructure in sapphire glass factory in Arizona, United States to a data centre. Another plan that Apple has will be to invest another sum fo approximately EUR $1.7 Billion to establish data centres in Ireland and Denmark. The data centres located in Europe are forecasted to complete in 2017, whereby these data centres will handle Apple’s online services in Europe.

With Apple heavy reliance on Hewlett-Packard (HP) on its servers supply, its decision to seek acquisition of new servers with customized design and at lower prices provides opportunities to these white box server manufacturers, the sources mentioned.

Apple is believed to be working with IBM for related applications, as Apple is considering entering the enterprise market with its existing business model for the consumer market, the sourced mentioned.

Source: The Register