(OFFSHORE NO) Two new rigs going against the tide when they consume Norwegian shelf.

The two CAT J rigs to be used on Oseberg and Gullfaks has in fact gotten their name.

They will be named Boots and Cinderella.

Lucky and hardworking

“We have had a tradition of drawing inspiration from famous Norwegian adventure. Our rigs need any of that these two fairy figures are known. One lucky Boots and hardworking Cinderella agrees well with what we want To accomplish when we take rigs in use,”┬ásays director Oliver Heradstveit Statoil to Offshore.no.

Good understanding

Askeladden is owned by the Gullfaks license while Cinderella is owned by Oseberg license after delivery from the shipyard.

The rigs built by Samsung Heavy Industries and the price from the yard is $ 650 million.

These rigs are key elements in the development of large fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, and it is therefore highly focused on this to be safe and effective workplaces. Statoil find that the yard has a good understanding of these rigs will be built technically correct with good quality.

Tailored for Norway

Ashlad and Cinderella will be operated by KCADeutag Drilling Norway. This contract starting next year and is valid for a period of eight years, with an option to extend a total of 12 years.

The value is approximately $ 900 million for the fixed part of the contract.

The new CAT J-rigs will be able to operate in water depths from 70 to 150 meters and drill wells down to 10,000 meters.

It is a tailor-made jack-up rig for operations in harsher environments for wells both on the surface and on the seabed in shallow waters.

“These are large and complex projects with demanding technical specifications, and it is important to find good solutions together with the yard for safety and effectiveness must be safeguarded. The progress so far is in line with expectations, and rigs are expected in operation during the summer and autumn 2017”, says Heradstveit.