There has been a growing number of users whom have turned to the Apple Support CommunitiesMacRumorsdiscussion forums and Facebook in recent weeks to voice their issues, specifically on complaints about the anti-reflective coating on Retina MacBook Pros seems to be stained and looks like it is wearing off. This display issue appears to affect several MacBook Pros, including batches from mid-2012 to mid-2014 models sold between June 2012 and present.

Anti-reflective coating wears off under a variety of circumstances, which includes the exertion of pressure on the keys and trackpad on the display when closed, and the usage of third-party cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths. Although this issue limits to small areas on the screen, there are users whom shared pictures of the entire anti-reflective coating wearing off across the entire display.

There have been mixed response from Apple. While some users are able to have their repairs covered under the standard one-year limited warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan with no charge, other users have been informed that cosmetic damages are not covered and have been offered to have it repaired at a fee, which costs hundreds.

This anti-reflective coating issues are not new. Dating back to last August 2013, these issues have already start to surface. The problem is gaining momentum and traction wthin the Apple Support Communities and MacRumors forums, and dozens of users have submitted pictures of their damaged Retina MacBook Pros throughout March in a Facebook group set up specifically for this matter.

Source: MacRumors