The Jelly Bean operating system (Jelly Bean operating system) with a 4.5-inch display and an 8 megapixel camera.

India’s leading handset maker Micromax (Micromax) in a few months and quad core processor Android 4.1 operating system (Android 4.1 operating system and a quad core processor) Armed with a fantastic smartphone is all set to launch. Surprisingly, its price will be Rs 15,000.
Micromax (Mircomax) Bijnej the co-founder and director Vikas Jain told The Mobile Indian, “Micromax (Mircomax) Rs 15,000 in March Broadcom processor (Broadcom processor) based on quad-core Android smartphone will launch.”

He further explained, “quad-core smartphone with a 4.5 inch display Kyuecdi display, ICS or Jelly Bean operating system (ICS or Jelly Bean operating system), 8 megapixel camera and 4 GB internal memory.”
Specifically, Broadcom (Broadcom) Managing Director Rajeev Kapoor, some time ago while talking to The Mobile Indian Micromax (Micromax) had indicated to the smartphone. Then Rajiv said, “We are leading Indian company with handsets based on our dual and quad-core processors are talking at the launch of smartphones.”
Quad core phone, the new is not already too many phones Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (Nexus G) and Nvidia Tegra 3 (LG Optimus 4 X, HTC One X, etc.) (Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (Nexus G) and Nvidia Tegra 3 (LG Optimus 4X HD , HTC One X) chipsets have been launched. However, Broadcom and Micromax (Broadcom and Micromax) in partnership with the quad-core phone, the change is likely to find at an affordable price. MNC average price around 30,000 quad core processors is around Rs.
Additionally, Micromax (Micromax) is not the only Indian company to be taking an interest in the quad-core smartphone. As The Mobile Indian earlier news had given Akslo (Xolo) March of this year at close to Nvidia Tegra 4 quad core processor (Nvidia Tegra 4 quad core processor) is considering to launch smartphone with.
Another Indian company Carbon also made ​​sure that this year, 6589 MT MediaTek plans to launch the device is a quad-core processor-intensive. Meanwhile, the Bangalore-based Aibarry (iBerry) Samsung Aksinos processor (Samsung Exynos processor) with a quad-core processor-based tablet Akss x 4 (Auxus X4) has already launched.


Source: FirstPost