The native smart phone has been sold so cheap at the price of $156. So what is the King of the smartphones real cost?

Believe or not, Apple iPhone 5 (Apple iPhone 5), which is sold in $708 or above. The real price is $184.

A research report has revealed that Barkles. The report estimates that the material costs of the iPhone 5, the price of the warranty along with the manufacturing cost does not include important logistics expenses, is approximately $ 215.

Barkles estimates, “We have estimated that Anaandi (NAND) flash for about 10% of the price of the iPhone, to wireless devices around 16% and approximately 20% of the full price in the display.”

Research and Financial firm added that the iPhone 5 material costs had decreased slightly in December of last year. This estimate is correct, it is difficult to say how much. And if this is true, what is surprising is that the cost of smartphones of the native handset maker launched in India and China?

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