Just 2 days ago on March 27, 2015 on tom’s hardware. Huawei announced a new SoC called the Kirin 930. The chip is built based one of TSMC’s 16 nm FinFET process node, which allows it to complete ahead of many other chip companies, including Qualcomm, in terms of adopting a more cutting edge process.

Huawei’s adoption of the next-generation process node allows modification to the chip to be more powerful, more efficient, or a combination of both. In additional, the process advantage to hide the lower architectural performance of its CPU if it can raise the clock speed enough to reach the same performance as a competitor’s chip, while still maintaining a certain power consumption level.

Huawei made a decision to take advantage of the new process node by raising the speed of Cortex-A53 cores to 2 GHz and then calling them Cortex-A53 enhanced, or Cortex-A53e (likely just a brand name for a high clock speed Cortex-A53).

Source: Tom’s Hardware