Hitman GO, the turn-based puzzle game spin-off of the popular stealth series, has arrived on Windows platform, namely Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Priced at $4.99, this calculating puzzler had debuted slight over a year ago on iOS platforms before it provide Android version last June, catering to wider mobile user market.

Hitman GO tasks players with shuffling a miniature Agent 47 totem across nodes on intricate dioramas where guards on patrol are on their lookout between every player moves. As a player, you will have to don disguises, hide in the shadows, and snuff the life out of your opposition with your trademark silver ballers and sniper rifle.

Eurogamer contributor Paul Dean recommended the peculiar spin-off, calling it “clever, cute and creative in quite a few ways” in his Hitman GO review.


Source: Eurogamer