In the year of 2014, we were fortunate that Apple did not simply release just its best iPhone, but two of its smartphone, namely the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. As much as these releases highly meets and probably has whet your appetite to what the company has to offer next.

Therefore the probably next Apple iPhone, the iPhone 6S, has started to ramp its expectations, visual concepts, rumours and leaks.   Since the series of success with the iPhone, the market has always been keen on what Apple will be up to. As always with the on-going development on next generation Apple products, many questioned if Apple can achieve the same level of success with the iPhone 6S? Will it be able to hang on or exceed its current achievements, making it a “Smartphone Killer” and “Superb” as many thinks?

As we are ending Q1 of year 2015 and approaching Q2 of year 2015, this will mean the next Apple release is nearing. Understanding Apple’s tradition, the company is bound to have active releases at the latter part of the year with much hype and anticipation over the iPhone 6S. According to a new concept proposed by Grisha Serov and inspired by Apple Watch, it is dubbed as the “iPhone Edition”


With a concept to have an single piece all-in-one button, the proposed iPhone will have the swipe, touch and press movements, along with TouchID, Home, Wake / Sleep, all in a single touch of button. Frame of iPhone will be reduced and the panel to be extending all the way till the inner side of iPhone’s frame.

There are also talks about the probable release of the iPhone 7 but so far more details have mainly surfaced on the iPhone 6S.  As of press release, Apple has not provided any details on device.