Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10154 Release Notes Have Leaked

Yesterday, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10149 - its second new build for smartphones in nine days. It's a different story for those testing Windows 10 on PCs, though - their last official build remains 10130, which Microsoft released almost a month ago. Windows 10 RTM正式版已经近在眼前,微软会不会再公开放出一个预览版,让大家最后体验一把呢

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Microsoft makes Word available on Android phones

San Francisco (AFP) - Microsoft on Wednesday followed through on a promise to release versions of its widely used Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs for smartphones running on Google-backed Android software. The apps, which hit shelves of Google's online Play Store, build on a Microsoft strategy to make its applications accessible from a broad array [...]

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Microsoft Completes Acquisition Of 6Wunderkinder For $100 Million

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced that it has completed its acquisition of 6Wunderkinder, a German company behind task-management app Wunderlist. As of press time, the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. The announcement confirms reports of the deal earlier this month. It was reported a couple of weeks ago that the deal is likely to happen, for [...]

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Hitman GO arrived on Windows Phone Platform

Hitman GO, the turn-based puzzle game spin-off of the popular stealth series, has arrived on Windows platform, namely Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Priced at $4.99, this calculating puzzler had debuted slight over a year ago on iOS platforms before it provide Android version last June, catering to wider mobile user market. Hitman GO tasks players with [...]

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LG to launch its first Windows Phone very soon

LG will finally launch its first line-up of Windows Phone, as a LG manufactured Windows Phone has been oddly spotted in the korea company’s website which has two separate links for the Windows Phone in their open source code area page. Dubbed as the LG VW820 model, the handset certified by the Bluetooth SIG as [...]

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Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet Will Be Running On Full Windows 8.1

Microsoft has announced that the Surface 3, a new tablet which sits lower than the Surface Pro 3 in the lineup will be running on full Windows 8.1 OS. The price of the Surface 3 is lower than the Pro edition, up to a difference of $300. Surface 3 buyers will also be entitled [...]

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More Information about Windows 10 Release Is Out

With the latest preview of Windows 10 that has just been released on March 18, Microsoft is making an effort to make universal apps easier to understand. It has been known that Internet Explorer (IE) will be replaced by Microsoft new web browser which is known as “Spartan”. The Windows 10 Technical Preview is [...]

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Microsoft to launch Windows 10 ROM for Android Users

It is rumored that Microsoft's latest strategies is to collaborate with Xiaomi for Mi4 phones to be able to flash with Windows 10 ROM for consumers to test out. In China, it is a trend for companies to create their ROMS for users to install on their Android phones. If Microsoft can make it [...]

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Xiaomi 4 To Pack With Microsoft Windows Phone Operating System

微软宣布与小米合作 小米手机4可刷Windows 10系统

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