Google Launches Free Music Streaming Ahead Of Apple Music Debut

The company's great, human-curated playlists are now free

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Micromax Quad-Core Smartphone For Only USD$233

The Jelly Bean operating system (Jelly Bean operating system) with a 4.5-inch display and an 8 megapixel camera. India's leading handset maker Micromax (Micromax) in a few months and quad core processor Android 4.1 operating system (Android 4.1 operating system and a quad core processor) Armed with a fantastic smartphone is all set to launch. [...]

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Asus Announces The New Zenwatch 2 At Computex

Being one of the competitors in the Smart Watch era, Asus have to stay competitive in offering an improved version of ZenWatch in hoping that many will adopt their brands. Today at their Computex event, Asus display their next generation of smart wearable, the Asus Zenwatch 2 which will take over the existing Zenwatch. Zenwatch [...]

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Android M : What’s new and is it worth

The Android M developer preview was launched 2 days ago at Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco. Senior vice president of products at Google, Sundar Pichai introduced the conference and said that the company had "gone back to basics" with the new version of Android. Android M brings more stability and usability improvement, while Lollipop provide a [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Note Pro With SD-810 available in China

The popular brand Xiaomi have been selling entry-level phones around the global especially popular in China and picking up in the US. Xiaomi’s attempt at moving beyond the entry-level segment and targeting the higher end of the market which is usually Apple territory. At its heart, the phone follows on the Xiaomi philosophy by providing [...]

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Facebook Messenger transform into a Platform With More App choices

In an effort to ensure its usefulness on your mobile to encourage users to make it part of their life routine. Facebook Messenger becomes the next most successful application. Despite falling in both selling a smartphone with their branding or replacement for your home screen as a launcher. At this year's F8 (Facebook's annual developers' [...]

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TAG Heuer working an android smartwatch

Smartwatches now in the trend with Apple watch just released its news to the world to the just weeks ago. Switzerland watch maker Tag Heuer have enter this market as well stating a head on battle with"Apple Watch's 18-carat gold version by launching device using Google’s operating system (Android) in time for Christmas rush". In [...]

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