There’s one major flaw for many to take into account if you are intending to order or still undecided about getting the Apple Watch; this gadget doesn’t seems to function well for those with tattoos.

Several reports and user feedback revealed that their Apple Watch intermittently becomes non-functional when it is worn on a tattooed arm. Features like the stopwatch function intermittently stops functioning; the heart rate sensor would not read their pulse, and the watch would not detect direct contact with the skin, thus causing apps to stop working and repeatedly requesting for user passcode.

Another alternative to prevent this issue from popping up while awaiting for Apple fix if that users can switch off “Wrist Detection” to prevent the device from repeated request for user passcode every time screen comes on. User can wear the watch on their other un-tattooed arm as another alternative. Meanwhile, we await for Apple response and update fix for this issue.

The video below shows the series of test to confirm if tattoos really do affect the Apple Watch’s functions and reviews from users online.