Apple Inc (AAPL) wishes to announce that it has entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire 100% shareholding interest in the total registered issued share capital of FoundationDB.

The acquisition seeks to strengthen the alignment of strategic interests between FoundationDB and mainly Apple Inc, and reflects Apple’s confidence in the prospects of FoundationDB, the database company that combines NoSQL scalability with true multikey ACID transactions. The Company also believes that this investment will provide an attractive risk-adjusted return.

Sources highlighted that the amazing performance of FoundationDB, whereby its new transaction enginer averages 14,400,000 random writes per second. Furthermore, another significant milestone it has achieved 3.6 million database writes per penny.

In my opinion, this strategic acquisition by Apple will be very beneficial to Apple’s App Store, iTunes Connect and the iTunes in the Cloud as with the its massive amount of users around the globe, it is undoubtedly that this move will definitely help Apple in alleviating its constant need for data optimization. Also, with the rumored Apple over-the-top TV service, which is likely to be launched with its to-be-released Apple TV, this reinforces the beneficial advantages Apple gained with its acquisition of FoundationDB.