Turbo Control Valve (TCV) is a solenoid component that can be found in a Volvo Turbo setup. This solenoid electrical valve works by controlling the waste gate through the signals received from ECU.

In most tuning, TCV will be calibrated for a smooth boost behavior to obtain a flat and wider torque curve.

As we enjoy the thrill of Volvo Turbo, many may encounter turbo issues. Turbo overboost or waste gate not opening are some of the common problems due to wear and tear of Turbo Control Valve (TCV) whereby the car may hesitate slightly at 80 – 100 kph. (This term is also known as Kangarooing)

In order to sustain the drivability at optimum level, one should not neglect this step of maintenance – TCV Cleaning. For those who encounter overboost or wastegate not opening, you may follow this guide to cleanout the TCV to ensure this component is working, so as to emit the possibility of faulty TCV.


Turbo Control Valve

Individual Functions of TCV


TCV Working Principle Credits: IPDUSA

TCV Working Principle Credits: IPDUSA



Using a CRC Contact Cleaner, or a residue free contract cleaner, spray it into the 3 points of the TCV. Allow the solution to soak for awhile in the TCV to free the mechanisms of dirt that causes it to clog.

CRC Contact Cleaner

CRC Contact Cleaner

After application and soaking for a minute, shake out solution. You may observe some carbon residue as you shake out the solution.

Then, reinstall the TCV.

Start the engine and you may observe some carbon being emit out of the exhaust as you rev up the engine whilst engaging the turbo. Your TCV should be working as normal now. Else, it is time really due time for a replacement.