After a very tough battle for the Johan Sverdrup contract clarifies the rig companies themselves now for the next round.

The rig contract on Maria development in the Norwegian Sea is the next opportunity for hungry rig companies.

Can provide 1.4 billion

Work will start in the window from July 2016 to July 2017 and the contract extends over 580 days.

If we assume the price level in the market now will mean a contract of 1.4 billion.

Allocation is expected this summer or early fall.

Big availability – get meet the requirements

Offshore.no has gained access to the entire specification list that is sent out to the rig companies.


The 1,500 lines long worksheet goes into detail on what is required of a rig for the drilling program.

With a number of rigs on the way of contract here at home, there are basically many rigs are available.

But the claims do that in practice will be among six rigs – which are both available and meet the requirements.

There are several key points that preclude many rigs.

Big Rigs

Clearly, the rig be free to be able to start drilling when the contract demand.

Furthermore, it must meet key requirements that drilling depth, variable deck load, number of cabins and technical requirements including BOP.

The rig must be winterized and could work on wells with high temperature and high pressure (HTHP).

The six rigs is emerging as favorite are:


Transocean Spitsbergen – without a contract from July 1

Transocean Spitsbergen – available now

Transocean Barents – available from autumn

West Venture – free from autumn

West Phoenix – available from autumn

West Rigel – under construction

Leiv Eiriksson – available March 2016

To complement the most current rigs requirements for operator Wintershall.