Xiaomi Mi Note Pro With SD-810 available in China

The popular brand Xiaomi have been selling entry-level phones around the global especially popular in China and picking up in the US. Xiaomi’s attempt at moving beyond the entry-level segment and targeting the higher end of the market which is usually Apple territory. At its heart, the phone follows on the Xiaomi philosophy by providing [...]

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Microsoft to launch Windows 10 ROM for Android Users

It is rumored that Microsoft's latest strategies is to collaborate with Xiaomi for Mi4 phones to be able to flash with Windows 10 ROM for consumers to test out. In China, it is a trend for companies to create their ROMS for users to install on their Android phones. If Microsoft can make it [...]

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Xiaomi 4 To Pack With Microsoft Windows Phone Operating System

微软宣布与小米合作 小米手机4可刷Windows 10系统

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