After years of hoping that Apple would make a smart watch, after months of anticipation following the Apple Watch unveiling, after weeks waiting for pre-orders to begin, you stayed up all night to be among the first to order the company’s latest wonder gadget.

Alas, whatever initial rush you felt when your order was verified is now most likely being replaced by…more waiting.

According to Slice Intelligence, the U.S. online commerce market research firm, the launch on the first weekend saw around a fifth (22 per cent) of U.S. buyers receiving a delivery from Cupertino. That means 376,000 units out of a total of 1.7 million early U.S. orders.

And according to the data, a remaining of 547,000 watches can be expected to shipped between April 27 to June 11; and the 639,000 people will not be able to obtain it during this period and have to await a projected delivery date from Apple.

As it has been several year since Apple’s first new product category in several years, it’s not surprising that the company has taken an initial conservative approach in its decision to build. That could be one of the reasons for its delay down the supply chain.

Apple’s demand planner will definitely take a toll from this as they seek to maximise satisfaction in their strategic balance for export to Asia. For most of us, let us take the luxury of time for the first look and feel reviews, which can be found here.