Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has announced that the Surface 3, a new tablet which sits lower than the Surface Pro 3 in the lineup will be running on full Windows 8.1 OS. The price of the Surface 3 is lower than the Pro edition, up to a difference of $300. Surface 3 buyers will also be entitled a free upgrade to Windows 10 after its release.

Same as the Pro edition, clip-on keyboard and pen will be available as add-ons to be bought separately. Microsoft will make a $100 option to add 4G LTE internal modem, nano-SIM slot and GPS with GLONASS Support.

Seems like the Surface 3 is up against the iPad Air 2 directly, and it has a larger display of 11-inch as compared to iPad Air 2’s 9.7 inch display. Pre-order is now available or consumers may choose to purchase from stores starting from May 5.