The Taiwanese’s mobile maker ” HTC” which have their flagship HTC One M9 launch today on March 16 2015 due to change of plan  to have their smartphones shipped with the latest software version.  Taiwanese customers who pre-ordered the device were notified by email that the launch would be delayed to March 20, for the 32GB version. As for 64 GB have no further news as of now. We should take this as a pinch of salt till HTC announced another official launch date.

HTC has confirmed that their home-market have halt the event, with no further details of when will be their next launch date. This means that those that pre-ordered will face with further delays.

The One M9 will be initially available in three colors — dual-tone silver and rose gold, single-tone gunmetal grey and single-tone gold.

Which colour will you be getting?

Source: Focus Taiwan