Current generations of engines are monitored with such precision thanks for the advancement of modern engine technology. In such, modern engines have adopted using the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) to monitor the mass flowrate of air entering the internal combustion engine.

The air mass information is necessary to feed the onboard computer, specifically the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) where it balance and deliver the correct fuel mass for all engine operating conditions. Air changes its density as with the changing surrounding pressure and temperature fluctuations. With the same air volume, air density varies with the ambient temperature, the altitude and the addition of forced induction in some car applications (turbochargers), this means that mass flow sensors are much more accurate and appropriate in automotive applications than volumetric flow sensors for determining the quantity of intake air in each cylinder.

MAF Sensor basically works with a delicate platinum wire that measure current required t keep a constant temperature while air passes through it. Because of the way how MAF sensor works, dust, oil particles and soot stick to the hot wire of the MAF sensor and gradually coat the wire, thus insulating it. This causes many unwanted issues such as car starting, idling and acceleration problems, as well as poor gas mileage, which mainly due to slowing of communication from MAF sensor to the ECU caused by the dirt coating.

Fortunately, we can solve this issue with a few tools to do the replacement. Wrench to loosen the worm drive hose clamps, and a Philip screwdriver.


PCCODENET - MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor - S60 S80 V70 XC70 XC90

Credits: IPDUSA

IPDUSA – MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor – S60 S80 V70 XC70 XC90



Engine Bay of V70T 5 2005 Credits: VPCUK

Engine Bay of V70T 5 2005 Credits: VPCUK



First, remove the air box. Remove the air box using the appropriate ratchet size that hols air box to the vents and the supporting structure.

Volvo Airbox

Volvo Airbox


After removal, you will be able to have a visual on the MAF sensor, location highlighted in blue.  There will be two screws on the MAF sensor attached to the airbox, which you have to make sure to loosen to ensure that air box can be detached.

Volvo Airbox removal for accessing MAF sensor

Volvo Airbox removal for accessing MAF sensor


On the installation of the MAF sensor, be mindful of the directional label on the MAF. Take note of the direction when you dismantle the old MAF sensor, which should have the direction pointing inwards towards the turbocharger, located behind the engine.

MAF Sensor - 0280218089

MAF Sensor – 0280218089

Make sure to tally the serial number of the old and new MAF sensor and check fitment. Replacement will be the reverse of the removal procedures.