(OFFSHORENO) Living quarters for Gina Krog is soon in place. 2015 is a busy year for Gina Krog project. A visible example of this is the construction of living quarters by Apply Leirvik on Stord. The first four floors are built on Stord and was moved out of the hall in May. The four remaining floors have Apply outsourced to the Polish shipyard Aluship.

Wednesday ettermidag came floors from Poland to Stord and within a few days it shall be lifted up on the module that everything is on the quay.

Preparatory work for next summer
Living quarters shall be eight storeys high, with a hoist at the top. It will have 70 cabins, is 33 meters high, 22 meters wide and 32.5 meters long. It will weigh about 2200 tons and be on 3450 square meters gross.

Later in the summer, the lifeboats from Scat Harding in Rosendal installed in the living quarters, and the next year will be equipped living quarters and completed before it is transported to the field next summer.

Full speed project
In addition to the construction of living quarters at Stord, taking place now modification work on Sleipner. The platform will receive gas from Gina Krog.

Last Friday sailed steel chassis to the platform from the Netherlands, where it is installed on the field one of the next few days.

The topside is under construction in Korea, where over half of the equipment packages come from Norway. Later this summer starts drilling on the field and pipelines to be laid.

The storage vessel that lies on the field, and is owned and operated by Teekay Stavanger, is under construction in Singapore.