( TECHCRUNCH ) Right now when we want to access an app, we have to download it first. Granted there are web apps available, they typically aren’t as functional compared to the native ones on our phone. However what if in the future you won’t have to download apps, but instead just stream them from the cloud? That could be the future Google is envisioning.

According to The Information and subsequently confirmed by Google, the company is said to have acquired a company called Agawi back in 2014. The company specializes in mobile app streaming, thus giving the user the ability to use the app without needing to download or install it on their phones first.

There are three former Agawi employees now listed as working at Google on LinkedIn, all software engineers, including co-founder Rohan Relan. Two other co-founders, Peter Relan (who had been the executive chairman) and Rajat Gupta (the CEO) do not include Google in their LinkedIn resumes.

The Information describes Google’s move to buy Agawi and integrate its technology as part of the search giant’s larger efforts to get people back to using the web, and specifically away from downloading apps in order to enjoy content. But a lot of the numbers about how Google has developed its own apps platform, Android Play, don’t seem to support this. For example, the company has paid out $7 billion to developers and has more than 1 million apps in its store.

Unfortunately it is unclear as to what Google has planned for the company. In a rather curt statement Google gave to TechCruch, “The Agawi team has joined Google. We aren’t sharing other details.” That being said given Agawi’s specialty, it does seem that app streaming could be on Google’s mind.