Apple’s iOS 9 Could Proclaim A New Future With Upcoming Major Features

iOS 9 will be implementing with ‘quality’ focus, rootless security, much smaller apps sizes and former iPhone &iPad support We can expect security upgrades which includes future Apple device to be rootless with secured iCloud Drive + Trusted Wi-Fi For the older devices, they will be optimized. Apple will also feature Swift 2.0 and [...]

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Custom Band Design Guidelines Released for Apple Watch Accessory Makers

Apple has initiated a new program on the Apple Developers section which captures the interest of many accessory makers. It is Apple’s official “Made for Apple Watch” program. This allows third-party accessory makers to gain access to the design guidelines catered by Apple for the accessory makers to conform as they design band accessories for [...]

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Accessory Makers eyeing opportunities with new found Apple Watch’s hidden port

There have been rumours that Apple Watch had poor battery life but this will not be true soon, thanks to innovation push from accessory makers. One of the accessory companies, Reserve Strap, has announced plans to make a battery strap for Apple Watch. What this means to Apple Watch users is that they are [...]

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One Fifth Of Apple Watches Shipped Over The First Weekend

After years of hoping that Apple would make a smart watch, after months of anticipation following the Apple Watch unveiling, after weeks waiting for pre-orders to begin, you stayed up all night to be among the first to order the company’s latest wonder gadget. Alas, whatever initial rush you felt when your order was verified [...]

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Apple to delay Apple Watch launch date

Apple has recently made changes to their web page for its Apple Watch. The Apple Watch main page has previously announced the launch date to be “Available 4.24.15” but that has been changed to “The Watch is coming.” The change is likely to come from the fact that users found out they were unable to [...]

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Apple iOS 8.3 fixes and ehancement

Massives bug fix, Wifi resolves and enhancement to Siri and emoji

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Samsung Electronics Awarded Apple iPhone A9 Chip Orders

三星电子荣获苹果iPhone A9芯片订单 | A Significant Milestone in 2015 for Samsung Foundry

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Apple to acquire 100% interest in FoundationDB Multi-Model NoSQL Database company

Apple strategic acquisition that strengthen their data server power

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Excellent Specs To Come with Apple iPhone 6s – The Best of iPhone Yet

Meet the iPhone 6S, Probably the Best iPhone Yet

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