Apple has recently made changes to their web page for its Apple Watch. The Apple Watch main page has previously announced the launch date to be “Available 4.24.15” but that has been changed to “The Watch is coming.”

The change is likely to come from the fact that users found out they were unable to receive their devices on due to shipping delays, low stock, or their inability to buy them at an Apple Retail Store on launch day.

To many people, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that the launch date has been moved. However, we can confirm that many shoppers will not be able to get their devices on day one.

It is reported that KGI has published a research note suggesting that Apple Watch volume orders is estimated to be 2.3 million units, as CEO Tim Cook has commented sales were “Great.” It is rumoured that Apple Watch will be expected to hit production speed bumps that led to reduced supply, which will amplify during the first night of pre-orders as we can expect quick move of units off the shelves.


Source: 9TO5MAC