Recently, the market research firm Nielsen (Nielsen) has released the fourth quarter of 2014 American mobile application usage statistics. According to the data, the fourth quarter of last year the average monthly spend 37.5 hours per person in the phone application of the above than the same period two years ago, an increase of 63%

Entertainment applications, entertainment applications is the primary factor that promote the growth of mobile phone usage time and the number of users increased 13 percent from the fourth quarter of last year. Clash Of Clans is the most popular entertainment applications. Those surveyed had averaged out to have spent 10 hours per month playing games, is ranked being the most time spent on by users followed by ranking in second most popular entertainment applications , the music application .

Nelson also based on race and gender statistics and it has shown African-Americans use the most number of applications of average 30.3 apps. They spend time on the phone application is also up to 43 hours, compared to non-Hispanic whites 35 hours 25 minutes a lot longer. Nielsen also found that the number of applications used by men than women, but women spend more time using their mobile applications.

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