Total 379 workers of four rigs and two FPSOs are ready to strike from Thursday morning off if the Office mediator fail to help employers and trade union agreement in this year’s wage.

COSL Promotor, Maersk Giant, Deepsea Atlantic and Stena Don and production ships Varg and Petrojarl Knarr will be affected by a strike.

“We hope we can avoid conflict. It presupposes that the employer accepts that frontfag model assumed as all other employers have done in this year’s interim settlement”, says negotiation and union leader Leif Sande of Industri Energi

So far he has been offered 0 million, which he finds unacceptable. Also frontfag model involves a very careful wage, but will ensure greater purchasing power with an estimated budget of 2.7 percent.

The arbitration if the agreement in rig site starts at 10 Wednesday and the deadline expires midnight on Thursday. Industry Energy has initially reported walkout of 379 members divided into four installations and eight companies on the Norwegian shelf – but can quickly escalate sharply among 5,500 members associated with the collective agreement.

Floating rig agreement covers employees on mobile offshore units, and platform drilling on fixed installations on the Norwegian shelf.


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